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Uniting Musicians and Artists: Kyō Pushing Boundaries

November 28, 2016 J - K - L, mymusicstory No Comments

This feature is courtesy of ‘TRUF’

Kyō Expanding Boundaries

Kyō, a well-known club in Singapore is expanding its reach to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although the KL’s venue is not yet opened, Kyō’s team has already started to deliver their elemental music & visionary art. The first of a circuit of their “pop-up” parties began on the 4th of November with German DJ/Producer from SUOL Records, Till Von Sein.

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Students Run DMS ‘Pop Up Office’ at Brunel University

February 7, 2014 News 1 Comment


The School of Arts at Brunel includes degree courses in English, Journalism, Music and Sonic Arts, Film and Television Studies and Theatre.
Research conducted by staff provides the basis for much of the teaching, ensuring that modules are connected to debates and issues that are current within these areas. Each programme develops basic skills within its discipline but allows for the exploration of personal interests through a range of optional modules.

Senior lecturer Dr. Colin Riley has asked DMS to engage students in activities for their Personal Development Module.

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