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November 30, 2015 Music News Blog, mymusicstory, S - T - U No Comments

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We have been collecting music stories from industry veterans, aspiring young musicians and entrepreneurs to bring together inspirational advice.

We all love stories and you don’t need to be famous or a millionaire to feel you have a valid one.

It’s only fair I share fragments of my own experiences and will be doing so with peers from the industry via the DMS website to help others make informed decisions about their own journey.


 Part 5: It’s just the beginning


Around me so many institutions were falling apart as we transitioned from analogue deeper into the digital era. From a focus on vinyl and cd, to mp3s, digital aggregation and streaming. I remember being turned down by several physical distribution companies, labels and record stores that now no longer exist.


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Many of my mates that usually smashed the circuit or lived well from selling vinyl had opportunities drying up on them. Some left the industry all together and became driving instructors, Lawyers and a whole list of professions, anything but music related.

I also needed to create distance from the industry to gain a better perspective. It was time to redefine my personal idea of success, what was good for me career wise and more importantly, for my health, relationships and peace of mind.

I started going on photo walks, exploring photography and did an erotic art exhibition. I hit Salsa sessions, started special action/screen combat courses and tried other Martial Arts. Massive thanks to Professor Eddie Kone (EKBJJ), Sifu Wong (Southern Praying Mantis), Carl Michaels (Calm Salsa), Derek Bernard, Kevin Linnett (Photographer/VJ), Liam Angell, Gavin Henry, Andreas Petrides (British Action Academy), East London Gymnastics and others that helped me connect the dots from the inside out. For my situation It was about living and learning new things without any expectations. This helped tremendously.

So many thoughts would emerge in reflection during and after my moments engaged in these activities;

It’s tempting to beat yourself up repeating cycles in a world that’s constantly changing. As artists we’re a brand and a business. We have to think ahead about sustainability and balance creativity with health and the reality of paying bills.

Our skills are transferable to many other career paths and areas of life. There’s no such thing as failure, just a chance to learn, then we try again with the benefit of experience.

That was then and this is now. Show gratitude, live in the movement and evolve. Music is art and what’s the point of art if it doesn’t change us or our world in some way? Unconditional love and support is priceless.

Eventually I decided to help my long time friend Darren Meade with his Martial Arts project Meade TKD. It always amazed me how a partially sighted person, registered blind, could do and give so much. I worked diligently to prepare a business plan for Darren and my own project DMS. It paid off and Investec, through the Beyond Business Programme, gave us seed money to get things moving. Thank you Alan and Kim. Having had so many doors closed, slammed and jammed in our faces, it was (and still is) such a great feeling to have somebody believe in us enough to invest and share our vision.

I love music but only get involved in projects I know I’ll personally enjoy beyond the financial gain. There’s definitely a Spoon album to emerge at some point soon.


Outside of DMS I’m a Model and Actor:
Bohemia Group (USA)

BMA Artists (UK) – info@bmaartists.com

Spotlight Profile – http://bit.ly/spoonlight

And also a Voiceover artist:
Harvey Voices –  http://bit.ly/spoonhv01


I enjoy all my work immensely. Everyday is a new adventure and it’s just the beginning.

It doesn’t matter what people think or say you should do or be. Stay open to positive critique but make your own choices. Create your own idea of achievement, follow things through to their natural conclusion and be thankful to those that help you along the way. Good or bad it’s all useful.


If not mentioned you’re not forgotten, there are just so many of you. Thank you all!


Happy to share more of my story in private or group sessions to help further – info@musicsolutions.org.uk


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