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November 15, 2015 Music News Blog, mymusicstory, S - T - U 2 Comments

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We have been collecting music stories from industry veterans, aspiring young musicians and entrepreneurs to bring together inspirational advice.

We all love stories and you don’t need to be famous or a millionaire to feel you have a valid one.

It’s only fair I share fragments of my own experiences and will be doing so with peers from the industry via the DMS website to help others make informed decisions about their own journey.

Success, I made it!

There are three things my dad did that I always remember (outside of the crazy s**t).
One, through a haze of smoke one loud evening (of many), he gave me a book about drugs, (which he made me read cover to cover), warning me of the dangers. Two, introduced me to Heroes of African descent via the Caribbean, like Marcus Garvey…
and finally, on repeat with the music of the time, “don’t go to jail”. I didn’t always see eye-to-eye with my dad but here I was, 21 and at Number one, and these things kept swirling around inside my head constantly.

I made it. I was at the top of the game! I got into clubs free no hassle, I was doing live PAs up and down the UK, across Europe and smashing it! Private jetting to performances with a police escort, meeting stars of the time that wanted to collaborate and hang out, going behind the scenes at major shows like Top of the Pops, Pepsi Chart, CD UK and a load of other Saturday morning shows. I was doing Barry White styled voice-overs and adverts, traveling to Italy, France, Turkey and Dubai to do the same.

Magaluf and the BCM team gave me big love! Performing abroad was my favourite part of the experience. I was getting paid to travel and do what I love. As the PA requests flooded in I would constantly ask myself, “is this for real?”. I didn’t think about it too long though. I just went with it, did the best I could to soak up the experience and ‘stay out of trouble’.

Doing Top of the Pops, I met Craig David for the first time as he was being ushered to the stage. He was at the height of his career but real friendly and down to earth. As he stepped by me, a member of the label team approached me saying, “you don’t know me but I know you” and prepared me for my turn on stage. After my performance, Macy Gray towered over me, trailed by her tour-manager/assistant. What he lacked in height he made up for in energy, “Charisma Muthaf***a”, he complimented me as he followed his artist to the stage. Backstage banter, showbiz, lights, it was all new to me. A blurry-whirlwind of movement, emotion and education that I could mostly only rationalise or make sense of many years later.

This was what I had been dreaming of for all these years. A break, a chance to breathe, help my family, help myself and live the rest of my days a gazillionaire. I wanted this to last forever, but this was the music industry where there are no guarantees, LOL!

I can laugh about much of it now, but at the time it was confusing at best and some painful lessons were yet to come.

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CONTINUED NEXT WEEK – Surviving the decline!

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  1. Interesting stuff, Elroy.

    I wrote something recently about myself and am a bit hesitant to publish it but don’t know if I want to post it here but ….. who knows?

    Keep up the good work and spread love and knowledge.

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