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How To Connect With Your Audience Powerfully, Through Your Own Story

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In a world that is increasingly curated, photoshopped and filtered, how do we get across to our audience that we are genuine? Authentic? Sincere?

At a time when more and more of our connections are made through technology, how do we keep it real, so that we don’t become disconnected as humans?

I believe the answer is in telling your story.

Your story is one of the most powerful weapons you have – and it’s the one thing that no-one else can copy. There are 8.5 billion people on this planet and no-one has your story. No-one has your DNA or your brain chemistry. No-one has walked in your shoes, thinks the way you think or feels what you now feel. No-one has lived your life and no-one has your perspective on reality. You are a one-time phenomenon!

Never underestimate the power of your story. Our brains are hard-wired to tune into them. Stories are emotive and emotions are powerful connectors. When your story makes someone feel something, they will remember it and feel more connected to you because of it.

A great story will give people a feel for the essence of who you really are, what is important to you and how you want to make an impact. Your story is how you convey your passion, your beliefs, your purpose, and your ‘why’.

If you don’t tell people who you are and what you stand for, they will make assumptions about you. Or, even worse, not think anything about you. Make sure WHO you are comes through in your stories.

But telling your story is not just about ‘dumping’. You have to be clear on why you are telling your story and what you want to achieve by telling it. It has to have an objective. You have to know what the key message is for your audience and make sure it is clear, concise, relevant and inspirational.

So how do you craft a story that inspires others and creates connection? Here are three tips to get you started:

Be Open.
Telling your story requires you to be open, vulnerable and honest and, in doing so, you create a ‘safe’ place for others to feel they can do the same. Even if your audience never actually speaks to you, they will feel that. If they did, you would get them and they could open up to you in the same way that you have opened up to them.
Being honest and vulnerable creates deep connection and trust – a good foundation for any relationship, personal or business.

Take your audience on a journey with you.
Telling the story of your journey, where you have come from, and what it took to get to where you are today. It demonstrates the commitment, dedication, hard work and passion that has gone into making you the person that your audience sees before them today.

Taking your audience on that journey with you creates a special bond. They were there, they travelled over that rocky terrain with you, they re-lived those defining moments with you! Telling your story is not a one-way communication, it is a co-creation with your audience.

Tell your story to inspire and impact.
Ultimately, telling your story is really about inspiring and impacting others. When you talk about your life, your experiences and your challenges, your audience will relate that to their life, their experiences and their challenges.

When your story has a message for your audience, they will engage with the insights, wisdom and gratitude you have gleaned from those experiences and challenges. You will inspire them to see new things in themselves that they may not have seen before.

How could your story serve others?

Find out more about Susan and how she helps clients to use their story in business here:




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