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Pat Fulgoni #mymusicstory

December 14, 2015 Music News Blog, mymusicstory, P - Q - R 1 Comment

Pat Fulgoni

#mymusicstory #creativeminds #growwithus


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Pat Fulgoni shares his musical story and gives tips on how to be successful in the music industry:

Being self-managed can be a nightmare. For example, once on tour in China, I’m told I almost got my live dance rock band Kava Kava killed when I insisted the promoters honoured the contracted hotel accommodation. I’m meant to be a singer but I also remember whilst touring in Eastern Europe having to drag one drunk band member away from some scary neo-Nazi bullies and another from what was looking like enforced oral sex with a randy punk rocker after playing a punk all-dayer. I’d booked the gig and my band were more funk than punk to be honest. We had been spat at during a few of our dancier numbers. It was quite an interesting gig!


That said (and perhaps not surprisingly) I am still looking for representation haha! Inevitably, being based in Huddersfield it’s been hard to come by so I’ve had to chase opportunities myself.


But at least it means I can make decisions and act really fast. I’ve been able to sign off on some syncs to some big US film and TV shows when labels and publishers would have possibly slowed it all down until we lost the opportunity. It’s enabled me to sing and co-write with artists ranging from Camo & Krooked, Technimatic, Logistics, and many more dance artists on labels like Ram, Hospital, Spearhead, 2020, Subliminal, Medschool, Shogun etc.


I’m also aware how hard it can be for bands and artists right now. There’s clearly a few well-resourced bands appearing out of nowhere with all the gear and large PR budgets. But it worries me where the next Clash will come from and how’s a grime artist from let’s say an estate in Bradford meant to make it these days? Let’s face it, the industry needs more investment from this Government hell bent on making cuts. But you have to just keep going. Let any bitchin and criticism roll off you. It’s kinda why I was keen to force through a few years of SXSW Yorkshire showcases over in the USA. For years I’d heard all the talk and no action and it was time Yorkshire at least actually showcased some musical talent at a major music conference.


Listen to Pat Fulgoni’s music here


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One comment

  1. jerome parker on said:

    Remembering the Yorkshire stuff well and Pat was very helpful. now my tracks are ready its gone from this SXSW and its all this northern powerhouse nonsense. FUND MUSIC idiots. Anyway what a fine singer is Pat. Please be on my tracks

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