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Junior A&R Work Experience

January 15, 2015 Opportunities 2 Comments

It has been a solid start to the year for DMS as we continue with our Junior A&R Work Experience Programme.

We have been guiding five enthusiastic participants, with a passion for music, through a simple introduction to sourcing composers and repertoire. Each person undergoes a rigorous induction process before taking on practical tasks enhancing their CV, real-world skills and capabilities.

Participants work from home and compile an album of their choice which is then serviced to our sub-publishing network. We meet physically when we can with a number of video call sessions providing the backbone of support required to progress through the process. Spaces are limited with the next opportunity to apply popping up in February 2015.



“This has been a great experience to get to know more composers, to develop an analytical approach towards music, and learn what it takes to put an album together.” – Nikki Camilleri

“I have always wanted to be an A&R scout and to get my foot in the door in the music industry. I have loved every second of this opportunity. I have a substantial contacts list due to the development progress with DMS and very proud of the projects we have already completed.”  – Emily Harrison

“I definitely feel that my experience at DMS is enhancing my employability, as through it I am gaining knowledge and attaining valuable skills that will help me.” – Demi Cielo

 “I now have professional experience in planning and overseeing a process from start to finish on my own accord. I am a big fan of the hands on approach Spoonface takes. Communication is great and it was quick to feel like I became a part of a new family.” – Craig Doporto

Spoon (Founder / Director), Matt Newton and Tom Yeo

“The whole project has been a very hands on experience from the start, which I personally have enjoyed. From day one we have been scouting and liaising with composers, as well as gaining a better understanding of production music companies and the trends in music globally. I have really enjoyed this experience and think the advantages of doing something like this are unmeasurable.” – Matt Newton


Get in touch if you run an educational facility or are an individual in need of what this programme has to offer.

Get in touch if you are a composer interested in having your music considered for our boutique catalogue – FAQ.

Get in touch if you are interested in sub-publishing our boutique catalogue in your territory.

Get in touch if you require fresh, pre-cleared music for your own catalogue or playlists.


We are a social enterprise setup to create opportunites in production music for independent musicians. Profits help to fund community focused activities – http://bit.ly/dmsskin1

We use the Harvest Media Platform (http://harvestmedia.net) and currently have sub-publishing deals with Big Bang & Fuzz – Australia, South East Asia (http://bit.ly/dmsbbf3), ROBA – Germany, Switzerland, Austria (http://bit.ly/dmsrobacat), Chicago Music – USA (http://bit.ly/dmschicago1) and All Music Publishing – Benelux.



Forever Diverse Music Solutions CIC is a registered Community Interest Company No. 8137116


  1. Tia Miller on said:


    My name is Tia Miller and i am interested in the junior A&R work experience programme. i have had experience working with the record label company Island Record and i was wondering if i could get back some information about this course.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    Tia Miller

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