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DMS Available for Panel Sessions

September 26, 2014 Opportunities No Comments

Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C (DMS) is a London based social enterprise setup to assist independent musicians with publishing related opportunities. Profits from our activities go towards offering practical experience lead advice and community focused workshops e.g.http://bit.ly/dmsskin1

At DMS we have sub-publishing deals with Big Bang & Fuzz (Australia/South East Asia), Chicago Music Library (USA) and ROBA (Germany/Switzerland/Austria). This growing network of support around the globe increases the opportunities we can make available to independent composers making music to a high professional standard.

With over 20 years experience in various areas of the industry from live performance to publishing, DMS are now accepting bookings for panel sessions.

Are you running a festival, music business event or education related activity? Get in touch!


What topics can we cover?

We are specifically focused on presenting panels that discuss ‘production music for entry level musicians’.

Charts have less relevance these days and music distribution is constantly changing. Robin Thicke’s latest album sold a mere 530 copies in the UK during its first week (only 54 copies in Australia); physical CD sales, already long-suffering, are down year after year. As the industry leans further towards streaming, artists and labels alike are struggling to find viable ways to generate revenue. Production Music opportunities are emerging as one of the most sort after outside of live performance and other publishing models.

What is the structure?

We offer a relaxed interview style approach with opportunities for Q&A. We give ‘good and bad’ examples using actual samples from existing libraries including our own.

Outcome and benefits?

Anyone can do a google search to find out about Production Music but DMS help to bridge the gap for entry level musicians. We help them understand the process and quality of music required to be taken seriously and considered for real-world opportunities.

We also offer the chance for the best music to be considered for our own catalogue and serviced via our sub-publishing network. This creates the potential for composers to generate revenue which would then be collected by their respective performing rights organisation.

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Recent action –http://bit.ly/dmsmute1
Example of our music to film  –http://bit.ly/dmsvid1


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