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Advertise your Brand in our Game Busker Boss

September 28, 2015 Opportunities No Comments


Available on both Android and iOS platforms, we are now making spaces available within our Busker Boss game for advertising.

About Us

Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C is a social enterprise setup to help musicians source publishing opportunities. Most of our work is through our production music library providing titles for Film, TV and Video Games. Profits help us fund community related projects – http://bit.ly/dmsskin1

This year we’ve landed placements with brands like Mercedes-Benz and in Joel Edgerton film “The Gift”. We made Busker Boss to help with our education projects and to share the great music of the composers we work with.

Busker Boss is a fun, text based strategy RPG based on the business of the music industry. Whether you’re a budding musician, long time artist, music fan, entrepreneur into business or burning time during your day with a little escapism download Busker Boss here and enjoy.


Busker Boss: Music RPG










Useful Stats

– 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone

– 56% of people own a smart phone

– 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary Internet source

– 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps or games


– 43% of tablet owners spend more time with their tablets than their TVs or PCs, and 84% of tablet owners spend most of their time playing games (bigfishgames.com).

Even though there are more than double the number of Android users (about 1 billion vs. 470 million), iOS users still spend double the money on apps (June 2014, slate.com).

Advertising Spaces

Main UI bb_travel

The main user interface features

85% of the time as the player earns

money and fans busking at different Venues in different Areas.

Contact us to secure Your business as a Venue in an Area relevant to your real life location.

bb_Loan bb_Grant One of the ways of earning money is to get a Loan or Grant.If you are a Financial institution or organisation providing funding contact us to discuss including your logo on these screens that feature strongly in our Busker Boss Game.
bb_dms_logo bb_party The Splash Screen featuring our company logo is the first image all players see on opening our Busker Boss Game.Contact us to feature your logo on the Splash Screen with 100% guarantee that it will be seen everytime.There are also several Activity Screens, Party, Network and Rehearse that feature heavily. They are also available as advertising space.


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