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STEVE MARSHALL #mymusicstory

November 6, 2015 mymusicstory, News, S - T - U No Comments

Steve Marshall










#mymusicstory #creativeminds

Grammy nominated guitarist and producer Steve Marshall gives us his advice for aspiring creative artists and entrepreneurs:

“Do you fear success even more than you fear failure? Insecurity can make you arrogant and this annoys the people who want to trade with you. Don’t chase after people just asking for something, always be offering something. Stop knocking on doors. The only way to succeed is to build your own door then go on through. If you feel you’ve arrived, hold tight – the illusion will pass. In this game you have to keep on moving. Concentrate on improving and raising your game. And stop worrying – stress, anxiety and desperation turn people off. To work with others in a state of honesty and equality is the Holy Grail. Relationships have to be a two way street.”



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