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We have been collecting music stories from industry veterans, aspiring young musicians and entrepreneurs to bring together inspirational advice.

We all love stories and you don’t need to be famous or a millionaire to feel you have a valid one.

It’s only fair I share fragments of my own experiences and will be doing so with peers from the industry via the DMS website to help others make informed decisions about their own journey.

I’ve been blown away by some of the excerpts shared. Many are from friends of mine. Some found it too hard to give because the memories were painful, others we’re comfortable being real about the challenges they faced.

It’s only fair I share fragments of my own experiences and will be doing so with others from the industry via the DMS website.

Thanks everyone for your time and support. I Love doing this and hope it helps some folks make a few informed decisions as they create their own journey and ideas about success.



I was heavily influenced by my dad’s love of Reggae. My memories of music as a child are of the furniture and windows shaking with his Sound System. The noise of that house shaking some how became part of the music too. As my parents constantly had friends round, it was like a weird rave in our living room on a regular basis. Yes, it definitely upset the neighbours – but dad didn’t care!

I didn’t call my parents mum and dad – they had me young and didn’t mind me calling them by their real names. I always showed them the love and respect you give your parents, however, they wouldn’t hesitate to remind me of the hierarchy either!

Music became a release from home life for me. Hardly a month went by without a full blown domestic situation and my parents fighting became the norm. It was as if the pressure cooker of dad antagonising mum, who was trying to make ends meet financially and raise a family at the same time, collided with the music of the time into a strange, hectic soundscape.

I began to lose myself in music, sketching and film as an escape from the turmoil and became lost in an eclectic mix of music – see my list of favourites at the bottom of this post for an insight into the soundscape…

Looking back, it was this love for and immersion in music that helped me develop my own style. At the same time, losing myself in Kung-Fu movies like Enter The Dragon and 36 Chambers led me to become involved in martial arts. Here, I found a string of positive black role models and learnt to overcome my fears. They taught me that anything was possible if I worked hard and consistently enough with respect and consideration for others.

The longing to escape from home list also led me to enter my first school singing competition. Oh and it ended badly! Singing ‘girls in the world aren’t nothing but trouble’ by Will Smith, I failed horrendously. My music teacher, Mr. Parker supported me all the way however, and I vowed I wouldn’t stop there. I’d keep trying.

The main themes of my early life were immersing myself in things I was passionate about. I wasn’t great to start with but I threw myself in and practised like crazy. I didn’t care about looking weird or not being perfect.

Knowing where me and my family had come from, I often felt like I had nothing to lose and this pushed me to always try and never give in. There isn’t a magic formula to success it was constant focus, constant effort.

This passion and determination meant that when opportunities came along through martial arts and singing competitions, I met two contacts that pushed me towards the Number 1 years later and I knew exactly what to do to make sure those opportunities didn’t pass me by…











CONTINUED NEXT WEEK – from ‘no-one’ to ‘NUMBER 1’!
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