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DMS Snap Shot – Spotify Launches Fresh Finds Playlist

March 3, 2016 Music News Blog, News No Comments

DMS Snap Shot - Spotify Launches Fresh Finds Playlist










DMS Snap Shot:

Without having to search the web too hard, here is the Top Music Industry Story from this week.

Spotify Runs The Show With Its Newly Launched Fresh Finds Playlist To Discover New Music & Artists

After introducing the popular Discover Weekly feature for users to browse through music tailored to their own personal taste, Spotify has earned surpassing eminence with its new Fresh Finds feature that’s dedicated to discovering new and often masked, due to the sheer volume of music availability online, artists all over.

Fresh Finds covers five different music genres: electronic, pop, hip-hop, guitar driven, and experimental. Each playlist provided to users is to be refreshed with new music every Wednesday.

The principle scientist at Spotify, Dr. Brian Whitman shares one of the driving reasons behind this new feature:

“By analysing the listening behaviour  of our top taste-maker users, we’re able to predict new breakout artists and filter their hits-to-be into playlists.”

Following the praise and popularity of Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature that offered users an effective way to browse for tailored tracks based on their taste alongside other music suggestions taken from what users of a similar taste in music are listening to, this new feature is really hitting off amongst music lovers wanting to discover great new artists in their favourite music genre.

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