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DMS Snap Shot – Grammy Awards, Amazon Prime and PRS for Music

February 18, 2016 Music News Blog, News No Comments

DMS Snap Shot – Grammy Awards, Amazon Prime and PRS for Music










DMS Snap Shot:

Without having to search the web too hard, here are 3 Top Music Industry Stories from this week.

Announcement Of The Proud Winners Of The 58th Grammy Awards Held In California 

The 58th Grammy Award which was held on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California drew 24.9 million viewers; considered the lowest audience since 2009. Nevertheless, it has recognised many famous artists and here are the grand winners of 2016:


1989 – Taylor Swift


Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge


Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson


Meghan Trainor


Bad Blood – Taylor Swift, Kendrik Lamar, Joseph Kahn..

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Amazon Paving The Way For Its Prime Music Streaming Service Launch In The UK

After succeeding a big grand slam in the US, Amazon is launching a range of new features for UK users such as introducing Prime’s range of 1.4 million available tracks and hundreds of radio stations based around genres like Jazz, Country, Indie, etc. Not only that; along with Amazon’s current ad-free online radio, UK users can now put up with music from prominent artists from Ariana Grande to Fleetwood Mac to Nicki Minaj. Users can also rate tracks from like to dislike which will better tune the algorithm that generates personal playlists. Amazon Prime users will also be able to view lyrics for the song being heard on screen.

Amazon Prime membership along with the streaming service charges £79 each year, including video streaming, free delivery from amazon.co.uk and photo storage.

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PRS For Music And PPL Plan To Create A Joint Venture Focusing On Both Of Their UK Public Performing Licensing Customers

The two companies have decided to create a company equally owned by PRS for Music and PPL that would help their customers obtaining public performance licences secure a joint through a single contract.

PRS for Music’s Chief Executive, Robert Ashcroft expressed his view on this decision:

“Creating a single point of contract for our UK public performance customers would allow us to significantly simplify music licensing for UK businesses. It is in our members’ and customers’ interest to ensure that our licensing is ever more accurate and efficient. A joint venture between our organisations would be a landmark event for both societies.”

On the other hand, PPL’s CEO, Peter Leathern commented:

“Both our organisations firmly believe that the proposed joint venture would be a very positive development for both our customers and our members, building on the successful joint licensing solutions and other joint working initiatives that PPL and PRS for Music have delivered over the last few years.”

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