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DMS Snap Shot – BBC Music, BRITs and Featured Artists Coalition

February 25, 2016 Music News Blog, News No Comments

DMS Snap Shot – BBC Music, BRITs and Featured Artists Coalition










DMS Snap Shot:

Without having to search the web too hard, here are 3 Top Music Industry Stories from this week.

BBC Launching Its Own App For BBC Music Brand For UK Users Only

The BBC is finally set to launch a smartphone and tablet app for people to listen and watch music videos from its radio and TV output. This app, BBC Music will only be available for free download to UK users offering video and audio recordings of live performances of BBC shows. Users will also be able to listen from curated playlists by its DJs and presenters, and view interview footage.
The best feature of this app is that users can connect it to their Spotify, Deezer or YouTube accounts to listen to full songs and also export their listed tracks to those services. According to latest interactions, it is also expected of BBC to tie their app service with Apple and Googles’ streaming services.  It might also initiate offline streaming in a future upgrade.
Ben Chapman, BBC’s head expressed the purpose behind BBC’s launch:

“We’re here to support legal music consumption in the UK, and to grow the UK music industry as a whole. We decided it was best not to be an island; you have to connect with the people who allow those services to happen.”

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BRIT Awards Announces The Biggest Winner In History

Adele emerged as the biggest winner in BRIT Awards, taking home with her the most awards in 21 years! She won awards in the categories of – British Female Solo Artist, British Single, British Album Of The Year, and the BRITs Global Success Award. Last BRIT Awards had seen such success in 1995 when Blur won those many.
Another success story was Coldplay as they become the record-holders for the maximum amount of wins of the night, especially for the British Group.
Read More:

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Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) And UK Music Bring In Tax Relief For Recording Artist Advances

The two music trade organisations have welcomed government clarification for recording artists to average profits in good years within the prevailing tax paradigm.

David Gauka MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury expressed his views on the subject:

“I am happy to confirm that the advance of royalties are within the scope of the averaging rules for creators of artistic work. The advance of royalties is exactly the sort of situation these provisions are intended to address for creative artists such as recording artists.”

Sandie Shaw, Chair Person for Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) also said:

“Recording artists are prone to fluctuating finances. A very good year can then often be followed by one which isn’t so profitable. I am delighted that there is a mechanism in place which can allow Featured Artists Coalition members to not be disadvantaged by the tax system and one that respects the nature of our creative endeavours.”

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