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September 29, 2016 News No Comments

All That Matters


All That Matters 

“Recognised as the gateway to the Asian entertainment industry, the award-winning All That Matters event is a week long extravaganza celebrating the music, sports and digital industries.” – More 

So of course I had to go and check it out for myself. 

Things I really liked:

Singapore as a host country is great. Very safe, clean and easy to get about.

The diverse mix of people and industries in attendence.

The friendly staff and people happy to help.

The special rates for attendees on accommodation and such 

(easy to organise an affordable hotel independently too).

The tea breaks and snacks.

The amazing new friends to follow up and stay in touch with!

(Branded Team, Appointment Group, Masia One, Know What’s Loved, Sennheiser and so many more, thank you for your hospitality).  

Things to consider:

Coming from the UK (like me) or further a field? Flights and late nights on the town hanging with your new buddies will be expensive. If you decide to take the leap, consider it a real investment in your career / business. I was able to connect with people I’d never come across otherwise.

I’ll follow up to let y’all know how things evolve in Asia for us. 

Once there it is very affordable to eat and travel but drinking and partying can burn a hole in your pocket.

(Get the VIP Pass and save during the conference). 

The live venue (Milian) was lovely but a taxi ride from the conference venue and initially a mission to find.

(I ended up at the theme park Sentosa at one point very tempted to get on the rides lol).

Perhaps would have been nice to have the main shows closer or inside Marina Bay Sands for ease of access. 

The schedule portal was fab and would have been super-ace if delegates could email each other directly to make meetings. Thankfully most people had social media links added at the least. 

Big thumbs up from me and hope to make it a regular conference to attend. 


Cheers Jasper and Scott (or the Jaspers) of the Branded Team. Speak real soon! 😉



It being my first time to Singapore I made sure I partied hard, but also found the balance between business, exploring and making new friends. It was also important to see for myself some of what was in place for those that need a little assistance. 

First stop was the Singapore International Foundation (https://www.sif.org.sg)

Their programmes seek to bring Singaporeans and overseas communities together, to connect and collaborate for positive change. It was great to learn about how they use the arts to empower communities. 

Friends of mine then introduced me to Emily at Blessings In A Bag (http://www.blessingsinabag.co).

Through on-going programmes they spark marginalised youth into being the change they want to see in the world. We were able to sponsor travel for around 30 young people to attend that day. Their happiness in the hands of Emily’s WorldChangeAgents (WCAs) was inspiring. 

My vision is to use revenue from signing local music to join in with amazing projects like those run by SIF and BIAB. Let’s make it happen!



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