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DMS A year on – MESH Launch @ BPI (British Recorded Music Industry)

October 11, 2013 News 2 Comments

Thursday 10th October the Launch day of MESH – Musical Energy Socially Harnessed.

I was up early, my mind racing with thoughts about how I’d deliver my address and if I’d left anything out.

Earlier that week (Monday, 7th October) the MESH compilation was made available at all major digital stores – http://bit.ly/dmsmesh1a

A great deal of preparation had gone into it with both myself and assistant Tom Yeo working around the clock to get things in order.










This was an important milestone.  A year ago DMS was simply an idea.  Thankfully Alan Woolston and Kim Hayman from the Beyond Business programme gave me the support I needed to present our business plan to a gruelling dragons den styled panel. They believed in me and Investec gave us the funding to set things in motion. We thank you!








Gary and Susie from Investec

Since then we’ve released a spoken word compilation giving exposure to unsigned artists, created employment at DMS, landed publishing deals for independent songwriters and are in talks with an East London school about delivering workshops to inspire music related career ideas for young people.


The concept behind MESH is very unique and we are thankful to those that fully embraced our vision to donate songs to the compilation.

Revenue from the titles will go towards funding our support activities.

Teeel, Clint Is Gone, Drewbag, Many Splintered Thing, Retrospective Soundtrack Players, Ben Heine, Axiom Theory and Arms & Sleepers we hail you!









Thanks to the White & Case legal team for their help with our contracts.

We have a review process but new donations are welcomed, please get in touch for more info.

360 Mastering (http://360mastering.com) came through and we thank Dick Beetham and his team for helping the end product sound so amazing!

The Event

As far as we’re concerned you can’t have a party without a cake!

Alongside the good food were some great people willing to share.

We thank guest speakers Alan Woolston (Beyond Business Programme), James Farrelly (Association of Independent Music), Alex Mann (Musicians Union) and Will Lines (Music Publishers Association) for sharing their wisdom and making themselves available to answer the questions of the extremely receptive crowd.

We learned about the importance of building a community and the great work the Beyond Business Programme has done to build social enterprise in London.

Alex Mann spoke about the successful efforts of the MU to ensure fair rates of pay from music in the theatre world to theme park attractions.

James Farrelly expressed the importance of the independent sector and the DIY mind-set creating healthy growth in the industry, whilst Will Lines touched upon the importance of intellectual property, copyright management and signing up to Performing Rights Organisations to tap into income from song writing.








A diverse mix of musicians, promoters, managers, web designers and health gurus were all present making the atmosphere buzz with ideas, questions and minds ready for active engagement and potential collaborations.

Stay in touch for future MESH networking events and compilation releases.

Thanks again to everyone that has made this possible and we hope to continue our growth with your support.









Spoon, Kim & Alan from the Beyond Business Programme


Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C. Registered in England and Wales No. 8137116


  1. Kim Hayman on said:

    A fantastic first year for DMS! Elroy has used the passion and vision recognised by the Beyond Business team and the Investec Dragons’ at the start of his journey to push his business forward into what will surely be a very sucessful and sustainable future.
    Best wishes

  2. Susie Robbie on said:

    Thank you so much for hosting us at your launch event recently! We had a fun and informative networking afternoon and look forward to watching DMS grow from strength to strength. Susie

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