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Buskers – Share Your Videos and #GrowWithUs

December 17, 2015 Music News Blog, News No Comments
















We’ve been loving the music stories and feedback around our #MyMusicStory campaign.
Out on the streets of London, we’ve been coming across some great talent and musicians driven to do what they love. Now it’s your turn.

Wherever you are in the world, what have you seen that you love? Who are they? Where are they? Is it you?

Send us your videos and we’ll post on our social media spots (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Make sure you include your Twitter/Instagram name so we can include the source, tag and shout you properly.

– works@musicsolutions.org.uk


Share your own story with us here:
t: @fdmscic
f: facebook.com/diversemusicsolutions

Start your story with Busker Boss
*NEW – Busker Boss version 1.0



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