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Busker Boss – Play it and #GrowWithUs

November 7, 2015 mymusicstory, News No Comments

Busker Boss App











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We’re sharing real music stories to help you understand and navigate the highs and lows of a creative industries career. Create your own ideas about what it really takes to be a successful artist and entrepreneur with DMS.

We’ve developed the Busker Boss App to help you start and live your own music story. It’s a fun, text based strategy RPG based on the business of the music industry.

You’re a musician hungry to prove yourself and make a living from what you love. The problem is you have hardly any money and just a few fans from street performances in and around town. The aim is to gain as many fans and earn as much money as possible.

Busk your way to a high score, access new areas along the way as your fan base and financial situation improves and be your own boss!


Download and play it now for FREE: http://bit.ly/dmsgame1

*We’re updating the Busker Boss game as you read this so join us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to share your thoughts and become a part of its development #GrowWithUs


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