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Masia One #mymusicstory

November 2, 2016 M - N - O, mymusicstory Comments Off on Masia One #mymusicstory

Masia One










#mymusicstory #creativeminds #growwithus

We're sharing the music stories of industry veterans, aspiring young musicians, and entrepreneurs to help others make informed decisions when it comes to their own story.

Artist. Creative Director. Arts Educator. Masia shares her experience on music/entertainment.

  • International Hiphop & Reggae artist that has worked with Pharrell Williams, RZA & John Frusciante, Masia is bringing a Reggae revolution to SE Asia.

    Southeast Asia’s Queen of Reggae, Masia One is a cultural ambassador for all things “IRIE” on the Southeast Side.

    Know more and follow Masia One on their social media accounts masiaone.com

    FB: Masia One
    Twitter: @MasiaOne
    IG: @MasiaOne
    Youtube : bit.ly/chineymoneytv

  • 1. What are your top three tips for new and emerging talent to stay afloat and last long term?

    • Learn the basics about the music business especially Licensing and Publishing so you understand how your royalties and rights are paid. When you understand a system, it also allows you to invent an improved system.
    • Practice is the best way to get better.
    • Grow a thick skin. If people are talking about you, both negative and positive, you're probably making some impact and making your competition nervous. Don't give up and vent in a song.

    2. What has been one of the toughest music / entertainment related experiences you've faced?

    After having a successful career in North America I moved to the country of my birth and being considered a “local artist” with a pay drop, culture shock and smaller fan base to draw from (no Reggae community).

    3. How did you get through this experience or deal with it?

    I created an event called Singapura Dub Club, that could cater to a small niche in Singapore that love Reggae. This allowed me to create a community that could relate to the music I love, the songs I write and a place to perform live.

    4. What did you learn from this experience?

    It is often leverage to negotiate with potential sponsors and bookers when you are affiliated with a company, community or larger entity than yourself as an individual.

    Creatively, I had created a platform for other Reggae artists in Asia to connect to and it allowed me to discover the amazingly rich sounds of this region and realizing that Singapore is a springboard to the rest of South East Asia.

    5. What music / entertainment related book, blog, film or documentary would you recommend to inspire someone and why?

    "Searching for Sugar Man"
    The movie shows that there are niches and micro niches that we don't even know about. Don't give up your creative perspective to sing cover songs! There is a community of people out there that love what you do, and your unique voice.


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