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Uniting Musicians and Artists: Kyō Pushing Boundaries

November 28, 2016 J - K - L, mymusicstory No Comments

This feature is courtesy of ‘TRUF’

Kyō Expanding Boundaries

Kyō, a well-known club in Singapore is expanding its reach to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although the KL’s venue is not yet opened, Kyō’s team has already started to deliver their elemental music & visionary art. The first of a circuit of their “pop-up” parties began on the 4th of November with German DJ/Producer from SUOL Records, Till Von Sein.

The name kyō has a variety of meanings such as strong, bold and courageous; however, the major definitions that are used by the club were rhythm and vibration.

TVS Artwork

Kyō’s very own EJ Missy starts the uplifting night off with a set that was filled with waves of native instruments over 808’s, including Latin percussions to Javanese Bonangs (collection of small gongs, or “pots”). It was a highlighted when she dropped a house remix of Gregory Porter’s “1960 What?” The audience loved it! As people started to fill the room just before peak hour, EJ brought a lil’ more energy, signaling Tilly’s arrival onto the decks.

When Till took over, he quickly brought everyone on a journey of exhilarating sound & vibrations. He showcased his depth in musical knowledge when he effortlessly played genres like R’n’B, Afrobeat, Funk/Soul & even the growing production based eclectic sounds of new, into his signature house grooves. Towards the end, he delved into deeper house vibes, with looping vocals cuts & the energy grew well into the night as people of all identities crowded the dance floor.

It was truly a magnificent night of music and great performers!
Kyō plans to keep on sharing such “pop-up” parties going every other week. This will be at different venues around town building up to the opening of their new home in KL City sometime soon. If Till Von Sein is just a taste of what’s to come, KL has something to look forward to, especially for party goers who wanted to experience the music, vibrations, and excitement Kyō can bring!


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