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JUKE 84 #mymusicstory

December 4, 2015 J - K - L, Music News Blog, mymusicstory No Comments

Juke 84

#mymusicstory #creativeminds #growwithus


We’re sharing the music stories of industry veterans, aspiring young musicians and entrepreneurs to help others make informed decisions when shaping their own story.


Juke 84 shares his experience of the music industry:

My time in the music industry has had its positives and of course, its negatives. Negatives being, sometimes feeling like you’re doing things by yourself or feeling stagnant. However, finding yourself through music, seeing your own progression and having people showing you love from something you’ve created?! That’s the greatest feeling in world.


Listen to Juke 84’s music here


WHAT’S YOUR STORY? #mymusicstory


What do you love about the industry? What do you wish you’d be told about it? What do you need to know? Share your story with us and we’ll put it out to our industry connections. Learn from our stories and create your own!


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