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Are You Equipped to Pursue Your Dreams?

November 29, 2016 J - K - L, mymusicstory No Comments

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If you are trying to break into today’s music industry in pursuit of your passion then being physically and psychologically prepared is just as important as spending your time in the studio or writing.

As a budding singer, songwriter or producer, it is likely you are seeking to be recognised for your talents in a very crowded market with the mind-set if you work hard, put in the hours and keep pushing yourself your time will come.

As a nutritionist, hypnotherapy and holistic health coach I admire anyone that has the tenacity to pursue their dreams but not at the cost of their health.

Many of us are guilty of working long hours, losing track of time, grabbing food on the go and not making time to de-stress or enjoy a full nights sleep. However, when this kind of routine becomes your everyday life you are risking your physical and mental health. A piece of advice I am often heard offering my clients is “It’s okay to visit Junk Street, but don’t pack up and live there”.

After all, how can anyone pursue, capture or maintain a passion when they are unfit or unwell.

At Mind and Body Detox we guide, mentor and support busy professionals to bring structure to their daily lives by assisting them in implementing healthy habits and daily disciplines that fit with ease into their hectic and often unpredictable lifestyles. Much of the advice we give is very simple, small tweaks and changes that can make a big difference to your overall well-being when they become part of your daily habits.

It is a common misconception among my clients when they come to see me that I am going to ask them to completely change everything in their diet making them feel restricted and overwhelmed. They are pleasantly surprised when I simply point out better alternatives to what they are already having that don’t comprise on taste but leave them feeling much more energised….particularly important for the hours they work and the tumultuous lives they lead.

An analogy I often use is that of a car and the way in which it is fueled. If you own a petrol engine car and mistakenly fill it with diesel you know that this will be a costly mistake, which is why very few people have actually managed to put the incorrect fuel into their car. However, most of us do this nearly every day to our own bodies, choosing ‘food’ that the body struggles to digest, utilise and turn into fuel. Fully expecting our bodies to continue to function normally without any health issues. Furthermore, if we have a really long and arduous journey to make, we ensure the engine is topped up with oil, all tyres are filled with air and the tank has ample fuel so we reach our destination timely and effortlessly.

If you are embarking on the road to your dreams, can you honestly say that you are treating your vehicle to success, your own mind and body, with the same respect you would give your car. It goes without saying that when a car is filled with the wrong fuel it is an expensive, but rectifiable mistake. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said for our body.

The music industry is not known for its soft and gentle approach; it can be cutthroat, requiring a strong, positive mentality and thick skin. Unfortunately, few will enjoy the level of success experienced by the likes of Adele and Kanye West but whether you do or you don’t you need to be mentally prepared for the outcome….unlike Kanye! If you are making money for a record company, it is unlikely they will be offering you any support to ensure you can mentally cope with such success. If you cease to make money for your record company, they will definitely not be investing in your mental health any time soon. This makes it entirely your responsibility. Amongst the overloaded lifestyles we all lead, we should all be empowering ourselves with a range of skills to strengthen our minds as well as our bodies. Succeeding in the music industry takes determination, self-belief, endurance and the courage to continue on a path that you believe is your true purpose even after much rejection. Author, Maeve Greyson once said “no-one has the power to shatter your dreams, unless you give it to them.” But consider whether you have equipped yourself with the power to carry on, even when the chips are down.

I left a 15 year career as an Accountant to pursue my passion in health and well-being, I have the utmost respect for those that have been brave enough to try to make a living by doing what they enjoy the most. In pursuit of your passion, equip yourself with the utensils for both Mind and Body to ensure that you accomplish your goal without sacrificing your health and well-being.


Jaclyn Dunne
Founder – Mind and Body Detox

FB: Mind and Body Detox
Instagram: mindandbody_detox_jaclyn_dunne
Twitter: JaclynDunne78


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