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Buskers on the Go – GEO CORDELL

December 3, 2015 G - H - I, Music News Blog No Comments


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This week’s search for real life busker stories lead us to folk musician Geo Cordell.


Geo took up busking as a part-time hobby after retiring from his trade as a decorator. He’s now been busking for around four years and performs two to three days per week.


Geo described his love for music and for busking, explaining that he does it because of the enjoyment that interacting with the public through music brings him. “Whether I make money is not important. The pleasure comes from interacting with other people”, he explains.


We are still on the look out for Buskers and asking them to share their stories with us, so we can share it with you!
If you are a Busker yourself please get in touch, let us know where to find you and when you’ll be busking.
Alternatively if you know of any London based Buskers that are worth finding and featuring please tell us!


Share your Busker story with us here:

t: @fdmscic
f: facebook.com/diversemusicsolutions

Have you tried our Busker Boss game?
Download it and let us know what you think! #GrowWithUs

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