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The Hunts #mymusicstory

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We’re sharing the music stories of industry veterans, aspiring young musicians, and entrepreneurs to help others make informed decisions when it comes to their own story.

Jessi, from The Hunts shares her music story and answers questions about making things work longterm.

  • The Hunts are an indie-folk band from the southlands of Chesapeake, Virginia. The group has a great passion for writing and composing wonderful music and has been playing songs to inspire more people.

    Listen to The Hunts’ music here:
    i: instagram.com/thehuntsmusic/
    f: facebook.com/thehuntsmusic/

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  • What are your tips for new and emerging talent to stay afloat and last long term?

    Tip #1…write, write, write! create, create, create! A lot of hard work and diligence can get you far. , but stay true to who you are.
    Tip #2 be real. don’t try to mimic other artists
    Tip #3 have fun and enjoy what you are doing!

    What has been one of the toughest music / entertainment related experiences you’ve faced?

    There are many hurdles and trials to overcome in the entertainment industry. For me, one of the toughest things is being away from home for months at a time. I’ve been married to my sweet husband for a year now and after weeks and weeks of being gone, my heart definitely starts to ache. Traveling on tour is an awesome experience that I absolutely love and I’m thankful to have my husband’s full support.

    How did you get through this experience or deal with it?

    If the tour ever happens to be close to home we’ll try to swing by for a day, or my husband and I will choose some weekends for him to fly out and be with us! That always helps break up the long distance. Also, when the band has time we try to mix in a lot of sight seeing, hikes, museums, etc. to take advantage of our travels!

    What did you learn from this experience?

    I’ve learned that each day is a special gift! Even on the hard days, we have so much to be thankful for.

    Which music / entertainment related book, blog, film or documentary would you recommend to inspire someone, and why?

    I think it’s inspiring to read about any artist! Each person has his/her own obstacles to overcome and it’s always encouraging to see how their hard work and perseverance paid off. A few inspiring biographies we’ve read include: The Beatles, The Mamas and the Papas, Carole King, Leonard Cohen, Elton John, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Lucille Ball.


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