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January 27, 2014 Existing Artist Tips, M - N - O No Comments

  • Miri is an East London based singer, songwriter & lyricist who has successfully tailored her unique vocals & sublime songwriting style to create a genuine, distinct, performance persona. A new soulful seer with pop songs that speak Indie. Her voice has been described as “organic honey for the ears” and her musical style “soulful indie pop’.

    The musical skill which seems so effortless today is the result of more than a decade’s labour of love in music making and performance which began with Miri creating tracks for her student film project at the tender age of 16. Since then her musical journey has taken many enthralling twists and turns from playing a community outreach gig in a South African Township to playing the chicest venues and events around London including Natty Presents Vibes & Pressure at Passing Clouds, The Official Bob Marley Birthday Celebration at 100 Club and Levi’s fundraiser in support of Youth At Risk. Miri has also performed at St George’s Hall in Bristol earning rave reviews supporting Laid Blak with one reviewer writing, “the hall fell increasingly silent under Miri’s husky spell.”

    Growing an increasing following Miri continues to gain recognition for her talents. Her track Broken City has received radio airplay twice on BBC London as part of BBC Introducing, after Radio presenter and producer, Dan Roberts personally passed on her music links to Gary Crowley’s producer. Miri’s music has now reached the big screen with the inclusion of the tracks Red, Broken
    City and Blue Skies (Acoustic Live version) in the British film, Fear of Water starring the Skins actress Lily Loveless.

  • www.miriofficial.com
  • 1. Top three (or more) tips for new and emerging talent to stay afloat and last long term.

    Always Be Yourself. It’s important to be inspired by other artists and bands but try not to loose sight of who you are. Tapping into your own unique self and authenticity is what will give you that spark and draw people to you.
    Build a positive and strong team around you.
    Whether you’re a band or a solo artist you can only do so much on your own. 
    Having a solid and supportive music manager, music lawyer and so on 
    is very important. 
    Work with people who can support and grasp your inner vision and who can help you expand. Be open to learn and grow from these people 
    as they’ll most likely have a lot of gems to share.

    Find out more about PRS, MCPS & PPL and then join up! 
    If you release original material or perform it live you can receive royalties 
    so make sure to research the above as it will 
    benefit you in the long term.

    2. What has been one of the toughest music related experiences you’ve faced?

    In my early 20’s I was very close to getting signed 
    but it didn’t end up happening. At the time it felt like the end of my world.
    I’d worked so hard and got so close. 
    It brought to the surface a lot of deep rooted self doubts 
    and feelings of rejection.

    3. How did you get through or deal with it?

    I needed to grieve and go through the process then pick myself back up and keep moving.

    4. What did you learn?

    I learnt that there was a lot I needed to work through within myself and that everything has it’s perfect time. Looking back now I am so grateful I didn’t get signed then because I just wasn’t ready. 
    Now I  have a wonderful team I’m working with. 
    I’ve also had time to develop my artistry, build on my self confidence and self belief. 
    I’m so grateful that I get to do the job that I love.

    5. What music/entertainment related book, blog, film or documentary would you recommend to inspire someone and why?

    I would recommend the documentary Searching For Sugarman. 
    I won’t give the story away for those who haven’t heard about it 
    but I can guarantee it will inspire you. 
    It highlights possibility and hope.


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