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January 25, 2013 D - E - F, Existing Artist Tips No Comments
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  • Signing as a recording artist to ‘Ministry of Sound’ in 2008, S.W. London born DJ NG became a pioneering figure both as a DJ/Producer and Radio Presenter from the great success of his club anthem “TELL ME”. Produced and recorded in 2006, the popular track made at 126 bpm featured artists Katy B (On a mission) and MC Versatile (Crazy Cousins). This trend setting floor filler was (and still is) viewed by many today as a pioneering track that had a pivotal influence on the spawning of the London UK ‘House n Funky’ scene (also known as UK FUNKY).

    Aside from the club and production work, DJ NG was the first key House & Funky player (alongside DJ/Producer Geeneus) on Rinse FM, where he held down a 4 year show from 2006 into 2010 pioneering the sounds of everything House music related. From here, he went on to depping for BBC 1Xtra’s weekly 4 hour ‘House mix show’ as well guest mixes and interviews broadcasted on Radio 1 and Choice FM. DJ NG’s fresh London/Urban electronic dance sound better know to him as URBANCE, provided him with opportunity to remix for many of the major record companies and artists: from Usher and Will I Am, Lilly Allen and Natty to name a few.

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  • 1. Top three (or more) tips for new and emerging talent to stay afloat and last long term.

    Study the music business as much as possible – jump on a few courses to learn the industry and how revenue streams work. Build good relationships with those around you who you will need in your career. – Have a solid trust worthy solicitor or maybe sign up to the Musicians Union if you finances are low.

    Network as much as possible (walk with business cards and store your contacts!). you never know when you will need some form of assistance with someone you met in the past who could vitally assist you

    Understand the difference and separate between the ‘art’ and the ‘business within music.

    Get stuff down in writing with agreements for work related stuff. Get deposits paid where possible.

    Don’t take things for granted and squeeze as much as you can out of every opportunity you get. Opportunities are everywhere but doors may not stay open forever!!

    Beware, the commercial industry is harsh and unfortunately a dog eat dog business so know ya shit & keep it tight but above all, enjoy the experience and have as much fun along the way – memories, pictures and friendships are priceless!!!

    2. What has been one of the toughest music related experiences you’ve faced?

    My decision between choosing Rinse FM & or attempting to get a permanent show on the BBC 1Xtra network.

    Deciding what action to take after my record contract was breached and my record ‘Tell Me’ got ‘shelved’ by Ministry of Sound. – no proper release or video made as promised.

    Not being able to get the right mix down I wanted!! lol

    3. How did you get through or deal with it?

    Pick up the pieces, don’t hold any grudges and move on/forwards; keep active!

    As for the mix down, I’m still working on that, but the more you do, the more you learn 😉

    4. What did you learn?

    Be careful on whom to trust around you and be careful on what relationships you build with people. Try and stay as ‘Neutral’ as possible! Despite how some people may behave towards you, the majority of high levelled industry peeps will see business is business!

    5. What music/entertainment related book, Blog, film or documentary would you recommend to inspire someone and why?

    For DJ’ing and club life:

    “Maestro” (Paradise Garage/Larry Levan – US import DVD)
    or “How clubbing changed the world’ presented by Idris Elba


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