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May 29, 2013 D - E - F, Existing Artist Tips, J - K - L No Comments
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  • Diversity is what he delivers, dynamic is what he is, the champ is what they call him. DJ Longers London’s best kept secret is about to make is his debut onto the mainstream entertainment scene!

    Personal DJ for the UK’s number one, Kojo the comedian also DJ Co Host on MTV Base Kojo’s Comedy Fun House. DJ Longers is currently the most sought after and hottest property on the underground DJ circuit. He has been an exponent player in the music game for over a decade and this shows by the skills he possesses to pack a lifeless dance floor.

    DJ Longers talents are not just for the club circuit. As a journalist and presenter he has interviewed the likes of Neyo, Rihanna, Kanye West, Busta, T.I., the list of stars just keep growing. His flair and aptitude for music are seen across the board. handpicked to play at private parties, for A-listers such as Will Smith, Chris Rock, Dave Chappell to name but a few. As well as opening concerts for artist’s touring in the UK such as Wu Tang Clan, Jodeci, Dru Hill, Jagged Edge & H-Town. DJ Longers has done numerous amounts of events for the hierarchy of the entertainment world. More than just a UK name his international booking list has been growing from month to month, with gigs in Madrid, Antigua, Oslo & frequently in Sweden.

    His art in selecting tunes is illustrated in his mixtape’s with hot reviews in magazines such as Rwd mag for the UK versus U.S.A cd and the two-disc crunk mix, which received rave reviews in touch and hip hop connection. His new mixtape “Married 2 Music” certifies just how talented this DJ is, with countless downloads and people from all warps of lives asking for this mixtape.

    Currently the face of the new Lurpak adverts that sponsor Jamie Oliver’s 30min Meals TV series, DJ Longers is about to take over the hemisphere.


    • DJ’d alongside US Super Producer/Writer
    • Produced Mashups for London 2012 Olympics (For Basketball Events)
    • Played at Olympics Afterparty Hosted By Team Jamaica’s Asafa Powell & Shevon Studdard
    • Kevin Hart Tour DJ For Afterparty @IndigO2, With Kevin Hart on the mic
    • US Actor Morris Chestnut

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    @djlongers Instagram
  • 1. Top three (or more) tips for new and emerging talent to stay afloat and last long term.

    Stay dedicated:

    A lot of people think they want to be a DJ or an artist, but their problem is they want everything to happen all at once, in the quickest possible time. Now that would be a fairy tale and I think we’d all LOVE that to happen and if it does, you will miss out on the experience of the highs and lows that keep you strong in the game. It’s your experiences that make your business as well as your performances STRONG. That you can’t get from a quick way to the TOP!!

    Be motivated by love and not money:

    Seen so many DJ’s and artists come into the game thinking they were gonna be rich NOW and sign the BIG deal that would set them up for life in 5 minutes. But when that dream doesn’t become reality, they give up in 10mins.

    I’ve been told quite a few times by friends who say they look up to me cause I’m doing a job that I LOVE and being successful doing it, so my point to you is whatever you do, do it cause you LOVE it, not cause you think there may be MONEY in it because long term you will see the problems you face.
    Plus, it’s easier to get up in the morning any day of the week to do a job you LOVE!!

    Keep Marketing

    Your marketing is what will make you money. It’s what gets your name out there and helps you to get bookings in other cities and other countries, which is why it is so important.

    Do Not Stop Marketing.

    2. What has been one of the toughest music related experiences you’ve faced?

    A lot of people don’t realise it, but one of the toughest experiences you’ll face and will continuously battle for the rest of your life is, the Fight With Yourself. Sounds weird but in life you’re going to continuously get knock backs, there are gonna be times you’re not on form, you’re gonna go through times of depression and you’re gonna have problems motivating yourself.

    3. How did you get through or deal with it?

    By telling myself to just get on with it.

    A knock back in any job affects your confidence but the longer you sit there feeling sorry for yourself, the longer it will take to pull yourself out of it.

    When you have a bad show, rather than sit and dwell on it work out how you can make it better and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    4. What did you learn?

    The thing I have learned is you never stop learning new
    That you can control what you do and how it works out by controlling what your mind set. We will all have times when we wanna be lazy but you have to make sure that your active side totally outweighs your lazy side, so being active becomes habit and not being lazy.

    The key to this is that your mind is what will tell you to get up and do something or sit down and do nothing. It’s the ACTIVE side you need to follow.

    5. What music/entertainment related book, Blog, film or documentary would you recommend to inspire someone and why?

    Book – The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50 Cent is good. It’s motivational while being based around the music business

    Film – The Social Network, Limitless


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