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Darren Holland

November 13, 2012 D - E - F, Existing Artist Tips No Comments

  • Darren Holland has been one of the hardest working people in underground music. He has DJ’d alongside and worked with the industry’s finest for years.

    Everything from his label/brand Baldeelox to his affiliations has grown to optimum levels and become a major force in international promotions. The Sennheiser Underground concept is the latest in a long list of succesful projects with many more to come from a resume fat with top brands, great parties and partners who are always on point.

  • www.baldeelox.com
  • 1. Top three (or more) tips for new and emerging talent to stay afloat and last long term.

    I guess nowadays its best to say that you have to be more adaptable than ever and also be multi-talented. A lot of artists don’t understand the selling part of the business or being able to sell either themselves or products. Talent only goes so far and lets be honest talent is a much over-used word now. Lastly I would say the world is open to you so travel and see different places and gain knowledge and experience where necessary.

    2. What has been one of the toughest music related experiences you’ve faced?

    Moving to America took 5 years and was a tough process but has changed my life for the better.

    3. How did you get through or deal with it?

    Worked very hard on myself and my CV/Resume and kept visible at all times.

    4. What did you learn?

    Money makes the world go round


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