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DJ Longers

May 29, 2013 D - E - F, Existing Artist Tips, J - K - L No Comments
Longers pic 09 (167x250)

Diversity is what he delivers, dynamic is what he is, the champ is what they call him. DJ Longers London’s best kept secret is about to make is his debut onto the mainstream entertainment scene!

Personal DJ for the UK’s number one, Kojo the comedian also DJ Co Host on MTV Base Kojo’s Comedy Fun House. DJ Longers is currently the most sought after and hottest property on the underground DJ circuit. He has been an exponent player in the music game for over a decade and this shows by the skills he possesses to pack a lifeless dance floor.

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Ben Heyworth

May 29, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, G - H - I 1 Comment

Manchester’s acclaimed alt-pop artist ‘This Morning Call’ unveils a new album to be released on Substream in June. The first single – Silent Film – comes out on April 15th.

Three years and several thousand miles after Ben Heyworth unveiled his inaugural LP, the acclaimed artist returns with a brand new album. Journeying into a multitude of landscapes and influences from the rainy streets of his Manchester hometown to the Berlin underground are more than audible.

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Bob Macciochi (aka ‘Macc’)

May 22, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, M - N - O No Comments

Bob Macciochi (aka ‘Macc’) has been recording and mixing for over 20 years.

In addition to mixing for big-selling artists, Bob has seen his own music released regularly on vinyl, as well as him taking his live drum show all over Europe.

Bob enjoys working with music across all genres, from large hip hop labels to independent ambient, dubstep and drum n bass artists. He’s also mastered electrosynthpoppunk bands, extreme death metal albums, J-pop, commercial and local bands, the odd jazz band and all manner of other things.

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Petulant Penguin

April 17, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, P - Q - R No Comments
petulant_penguin_IMG_0996 (640x480)

Petulant Penguin is an exciting and vibrant Promotions, Events and Management company with the self-appointed mission of providing the highest quality experience; musically, visually and in terms of outright experience for both artist and audience alike.

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Tips, Advice and Ideas – Yaiza Varona

April 2, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, V - W - X, Y - Z No Comments

A Spanish media composer, musicologist and Apple Certified Logic 9 Professional based in London.  Yaiza currently divides her time between writing music for sync and a number of other personal projects.


twitter: @yaizavarona

Logic 9 support – http://www.yaizavarona.com/logic-9/

Showreel: http://www.yaizavarona.com/showreel/

The Malformed Creatures: http://www.yaizavarona.com/malformed-creatures/


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Mr. Shy

January 25, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments

Mr. Shy, former frontman of New Soul Orchestra, is a soul/pop singer, songwriter and performer… and a true original. A native of New York City, he began honing his craft at an early age. With influences ranging from The Beatles to Marvin Gaye to Prince, his own singing, writing, and performing has steadily evolved into a mature, distinctive sound, landing him squarely in a class of his own. Super Star, Mr. Shy’s debut release on New Soul Records, is an album of carefully crafted pop songs with an r&b/urban edge. Guided by a soulful and passionate voice, Super Star delivers thoughtful, straightforward lyrics of love, sewn together with infectious hooks and harmonies.

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January 25, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, V - W - X No Comments
Chris Worth Press image_1

Christopher Worth – who performs under the moniker ‘WORTH’ – didn’t start singing until he was 20 years old. Beginning as a stage actor in college, he soon found his voice and ability as a songwriter and performer. After graduating he moved from the bay area back to his hometown of Portland, OR to pursue a career as a musician. Often resorting to busking to make a living, Worth gained most of his style playing on the street. In 2007 he formed the band NIAYH, an acronym for “Now Is All You Have.” NIAYH has since released a full length record and has toured extensively throughout the western US states. While NIAYH is often compared to a modern Pink Floyd, Worth describes his solo music as “bohemian blues hop.” It is simultaneously timeless and new, recalling contemporary influences like Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, and D’Angelo and classics such as Otis Redding and Paul McCartney.

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January 25, 2013 D - E - F, Existing Artist Tips No Comments
DJ NG press pic_1

Signing as a recording artist to ‘Ministry of Sound’ in 2008, S.W. London born DJ NG became a pioneering figure both as a DJ/Producer and Radio Presenter from the great success of his club anthem “TELL ME”. Produced and recorded in 2006, the popular track made at 126 bpm featured artists Katy B (On a mission) and MC Versatile (Crazy Cousins). This trend setting floor filler was (and still is) viewed by many today as a pioneering track that had a pivotal influence on the spawning of the London UK ‘House n Funky’ scene (also known as UK FUNKY).

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November 22, 2012 Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments

As one of the most revolutionary rappers on the British hip-hop scene, Ty embodies the intellect, talent and ferocity of an MC always destined to become a legend. Over the last decade, the Mercury Prize nominee has achieved the rare feat of establishing a legacy through his three albums and wise persona, strengthened by his amazing worldwide shows and countless appearances alongside luminaries such as De La Soul, Tony Allen and Pee Wee Ellis.

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DJ Lynx

November 22, 2012 D - E - F, Existing Artist Tips, J - K - L No Comments

Opening his new label Detail Recordings in 2010, Lynx is a man on a mission to deliver only the freshest and most innovative sounds in underground electronic music.

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