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July 25, 2014 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips No Comments

After picking up the guitar at 14, BNE (Benjamin Hawthorne) joined band after band, resulting in two years of studio experience with Guy Chambers and two no.1’s in Asia.

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Ben Heine

September 6, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, G - H - I No Comments
Ben Heine - Music (400x255)

Ben grew up in Ivory Coast. He lived there 7 years, along with his parents and his 3 sisters. His father was a commercial engineer and his mother a Modern Jazz dance teacher. Everything changed when the family came back to Brussels in 1990. Ben was a demanding child and he didn’t like school at all. He became wiser, more disciplined and a studious person later on, after a stay in a boarding school (at the “Collège Saint Vincent” (Belgium), from 12 y/o to 18 y/o).

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Clint Is Gone

September 6, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, G - H - I No Comments

Clint is Gone are Antoine BERTRAND: Guitares/Chant Julie GOMEL: Claviers, Guitares, Violoncelle/Chant Arnaud YOLKS: Basse Emilie RAMBAUD: Batterie

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Arms and Sleepers

September 6, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments
ArmsandSleepers (400x400)

Arms and Sleepers is an ambient/trip-hop duo consisting of Max Lewis (Boston, MA) and Mirza Ramic (Portland, ME).

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Ben Heyworth

May 29, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, G - H - I 1 Comment

Manchester’s acclaimed alt-pop artist ‘This Morning Call’ unveils a new album to be released on Substream in June. The first single – Silent Film – comes out on April 15th.

Three years and several thousand miles after Ben Heyworth unveiled his inaugural LP, the acclaimed artist returns with a brand new album. Journeying into a multitude of landscapes and influences from the rainy streets of his Manchester hometown to the Berlin underground are more than audible.

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Bob Macciochi (aka ‘Macc’)

May 22, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, M - N - O No Comments

Bob Macciochi (aka ‘Macc’) has been recording and mixing for over 20 years.

In addition to mixing for big-selling artists, Bob has seen his own music released regularly on vinyl, as well as him taking his live drum show all over Europe.

Bob enjoys working with music across all genres, from large hip hop labels to independent ambient, dubstep and drum n bass artists. He’s also mastered electrosynthpoppunk bands, extreme death metal albums, J-pop, commercial and local bands, the odd jazz band and all manner of other things.

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January 25, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, V - W - X No Comments
Chris Worth Press image_1

Christopher Worth – who performs under the moniker ‘WORTH’ – didn’t start singing until he was 20 years old. Beginning as a stage actor in college, he soon found his voice and ability as a songwriter and performer. After graduating he moved from the bay area back to his hometown of Portland, OR to pursue a career as a musician. Often resorting to busking to make a living, Worth gained most of his style playing on the street. In 2007 he formed the band NIAYH, an acronym for “Now Is All You Have.” NIAYH has since released a full length record and has toured extensively throughout the western US states. While NIAYH is often compared to a modern Pink Floyd, Worth describes his solo music as “bohemian blues hop.” It is simultaneously timeless and new, recalling contemporary influences like Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, and D’Angelo and classics such as Otis Redding and Paul McCartney.

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November 22, 2012 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips No Comments

Bounce has been DJ’ing since 1992, hence his “Spinnin’ Tru Since 92″ tag line, but has had an interest in music for a lot longer.

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Adrian Meehan

November 22, 2012 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips No Comments

I started off as a drummer in the band Jocasta and went on to establish a successful session career working with artists including Ray Davies of The Kinks, Baby Bird and The Selector, Datarock, The Royal organ duo, and continue my role as Musical Director for The Cuban Brothers.

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November 13, 2012 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips No Comments

Hailing from Cape Town South Africa, Counterstrike has been synonymous with drum & bass and dubstep for many years with releases spanning across labels such as Moving Shadow, Steve Aoki¹s Dim Mak, Excision’s Rottun and Dieselboy’s Human Imprint.

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