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DMS facilitate placements with West One Music

December 9, 2013 Music News Blog No Comments
Been a busy year for us.
Met some amazing people and contributed to some great projects. It’s been very satisfying working along side composers and businesses that share our ethos and support our approach to working in the industry. We recently helped two talented song writers, Teeel and Yaiza Varona, place songs with fab independent library, the West One Music Group.

“West One Music Group has just concluded another two great projects with the fine people at DMS.

The genres of these two releases couldn’t be more diverse! The first is called Downbeat Electronique on our EDS label and features a couple of tracks from the USA based composer and producer Teeel. Teeel’s tracks are a cross between synth pop and chilled electro pop – both feature shoe-gazing vocal performances from the artist himself. The second release is from the artist Yaiza Varona who’s work is featured on our new Brazilian Carnival album on the West One Music label. Yaiza’s tracks are completely authentic street percussion which really captures the energy of Brazil.

It’s always a pleasure working with Spoon, Tom and the gang at DMS. We really appreciate their support and promotion of the artists. They have a strong emphasis on authenticity and originality which is really in keeping with the overall West One Music Group focus, so for us the relationship couldn’t work better!” – Edwin Cox, Managing and Creative Director, West One Music Group

“It was a pleasure working with Diverse Music Solutions. They were extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I worked with them to release a couple songs with West One Music and it was a great experience. I look forward to releasing more music with them in the future. It’s great to work with other like-minded professionals and have fun doing what we love most. You can tell music is their passion.” – Teeel

“The beauty about collaborating with DMS is meeting the people behind the company. Sharing thoughts and experiences is always both enriching and inspiring and provides a warm, open space where collaborating and sparking new ideas is not only possible but really likely to happen. They always keep track of what other artists are doing and always have a minute to share interesting advice.” – Yaiza


Check out the releases here:


Teeel – http://westonemusic.com/album?catno=WOM_EDS_0010



Yaiza – http://westonemusic.com/album?catno=WOM_WOM_0333


Get in touch, follow the links and use the music as much as you like in your film/tv/radio projects. If you’re a composer looking for opportunities or a business in need of professional new writers to provide music for your projects, DMS will do all the searching and support the songwriters to deliver the songs you require.



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