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5 Tips for releasing your own music online

March 28, 2013 News No Comments

Been waiting for today with hot anticipation.

Our first official talk at the very special City Business Library.

The space has expert staff to save you time and help you find what you need for your business career. It’s a place in the city to use the internet with an extensive range of books, magazines and databases to hand.

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Sonia Akow

March 6, 2013 News No Comments

Sonia Akow has Acute Myloid Leukaemia (AML), the same cancerous disease from which her mum died from at the end of 2011.

To join the donor registry it is simple and there is no operation.

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Consultancy – What we do

March 6, 2013 News No Comments

Aside from our informal advice sessions we also provide tailored music business consultancy.

This is a limited pay as you go service.

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Tips, Advice and Ideas by Dan Norman

February 19, 2013 D - E - F, M - N - O, News No Comments

From time to time DMS will feature tips, advice and ideas from those that mean well and like to help others strive towards being the best they can be.

Today’s contribution is from Dan Norman.

Dan is a coach, trainer and writer and is interested in code breaking, or more specifically helping people step towards their greatness and revel in the journey.


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Sponsors, Affiliates and Funding

February 6, 2013 Opportunities No Comments

We have been blessed with a fine network of friends and supporters that provide our clients with extremely useful opportunities, discounted products and services.

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Mr. Shy

January 25, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments

Mr. Shy, former frontman of New Soul Orchestra, is a soul/pop singer, songwriter and performer… and a true original. A native of New York City, he began honing his craft at an early age. With influences ranging from The Beatles to Marvin Gaye to Prince, his own singing, writing, and performing has steadily evolved into a mature, distinctive sound, landing him squarely in a class of his own. Super Star, Mr. Shy’s debut release on New Soul Records, is an album of carefully crafted pop songs with an r&b/urban edge. Guided by a soulful and passionate voice, Super Star delivers thoughtful, straightforward lyrics of love, sewn together with infectious hooks and harmonies.

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January 25, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, V - W - X No Comments
Chris Worth Press image_1

Christopher Worth – who performs under the moniker ‘WORTH’ – didn’t start singing until he was 20 years old. Beginning as a stage actor in college, he soon found his voice and ability as a songwriter and performer. After graduating he moved from the bay area back to his hometown of Portland, OR to pursue a career as a musician. Often resorting to busking to make a living, Worth gained most of his style playing on the street. In 2007 he formed the band NIAYH, an acronym for “Now Is All You Have.” NIAYH has since released a full length record and has toured extensively throughout the western US states. While NIAYH is often compared to a modern Pink Floyd, Worth describes his solo music as “bohemian blues hop.” It is simultaneously timeless and new, recalling contemporary influences like Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, and D’Angelo and classics such as Otis Redding and Paul McCartney.

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January 25, 2013 D - E - F, Existing Artist Tips No Comments
DJ NG press pic_1

Signing as a recording artist to ‘Ministry of Sound’ in 2008, S.W. London born DJ NG became a pioneering figure both as a DJ/Producer and Radio Presenter from the great success of his club anthem “TELL ME”. Produced and recorded in 2006, the popular track made at 126 bpm featured artists Katy B (On a mission) and MC Versatile (Crazy Cousins). This trend setting floor filler was (and still is) viewed by many today as a pioneering track that had a pivotal influence on the spawning of the London UK ‘House n Funky’ scene (also known as UK FUNKY).

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Mentoring Sessions

January 22, 2013 News No Comments

What happens in one of our mentoring sessions?

For a limited time we’re offering complimentary informal advice sessions.  Spaces are limited to only 8 per month.

Initially you complete a simple form so we get an idea of who you are and how we can assist (if at all).

You then have 45 mins with an experienced industry professional to share your frustrations and ask as many questions as possible about potential ways forward with your career.

We then:

Offer simple advice based on our industry experience.

Send you a summary of notes from the discussion.

As a client you also qualify for offers provided by some of the organisations we are working with like AIM (Association of Independent Music), The Unsigned Guide and Loopmasters.

Who can apply?

These sessions are available to unsigned artists of all ages and backgrounds.

Those with an entry level understanding of the business side of industry, specifically PR, marketing, publishing and selling your own music online.

With regards to our current activities for unsigned musicians and artists, priority is given to those living in Haringey, Hackney, and Bromley by Bow or Tower Hamlets.

Get in touch for more info or to book a session info@musicsolutions.org.uk

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