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Tamer Abu Ghazaleh

December 18, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments
RIMA4996 (193x250)

A restless and inventive performer and promoter of a wide range of music and artistic activity, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh is a leading figure in modern Arabic culture. The Palestinian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer has over the past few years collaborated in many music projects, released a debut album and founded eka3 (2007), a regional platform dedicated to promoting, producing, distributing, and touring independent Arabic music (www.eka3.org).

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Hussein Sherbini

December 10, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, G - H - I No Comments

Hussein El Sherbini is one third of WETROBOTS<3Bosaina and co-founder of Epic 101 Studios. A producer/singer that has touched on a multitude of genres so diverse they span from Jazz to Techno.

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DMS A year on – MESH Launch @ BPI (British Recorded Music Industry)

October 11, 2013 News 2 Comments

Thursday 10th October the Launch day of MESH – Musical Energy Socially Harnessed.

I was up early, my mind racing with thoughts about how I’d deliver my address and if I’d left anything out.

Earlier that week (Monday, 7th October) the MESH compilation was made available at all major digital stores – http://bit.ly/dmsmesh1a

A great deal of preparation had gone into it with both myself and assistant Tom Yeo working around the clock to get things in order.










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MESH – Musical Energy Socially Harnessed – People. Music. Life

September 10, 2013 Music News Blog No Comments







Diverse Music Solutions is proud to present the first in a series of compilation albums titled ‘Mesh – People. Music. Life’. A coming together of talented musicians who have donated their work in order to provide support for entry level musicians. The album showcases eight diverse tracks written and recorded by artists who have learned how to apply their trade in an ever changing industry, with experience based stories to share with those who hope to follow in their footsteps.

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September 6, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments
TEEEL_2 (500x333)

TEEEL is an electronic producer/songwriter from New Jersey and owner of the electronic music label, Synth Records (Synthemesc).

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Ben Heine

September 6, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, G - H - I No Comments
Ben Heine - Music (400x255)

Ben grew up in Ivory Coast. He lived there 7 years, along with his parents and his 3 sisters. His father was a commercial engineer and his mother a Modern Jazz dance teacher. Everything changed when the family came back to Brussels in 1990. Ben was a demanding child and he didn’t like school at all. He became wiser, more disciplined and a studious person later on, after a stay in a boarding school (at the “Collège Saint Vincent” (Belgium), from 12 y/o to 18 y/o).

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Many Splintered Thing

September 6, 2013 Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments

Many Splintered Thing are Rob King and Giles Milner from the New Forest.

Many Splintered Thing

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Clint Is Gone

September 6, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, G - H - I No Comments

Clint is Gone are Antoine BERTRAND: Guitares/Chant Julie GOMEL: Claviers, Guitares, Violoncelle/Chant Arnaud YOLKS: Basse Emilie RAMBAUD: Batterie

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Arms and Sleepers

September 6, 2013 A - B - C, Existing Artist Tips, S - T - U No Comments
ArmsandSleepers (400x400)

Arms and Sleepers is an ambient/trip-hop duo consisting of Max Lewis (Boston, MA) and Mirza Ramic (Portland, ME).

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City Business Library

July 3, 2013 News No Comments

We were back at the City Business Library recently to share experience based tips on releasing music online.

The landscape is vast and always evolving. Working with mostly entry level enthusiasts we spend time beforehand preparing ideas on how to engage and filter out the most useful information.

Purpose, Rights Management and Consistency are just a few of the topics we touch. Please get in touch to book a private or group session at your facility with a seasoned industry professional. We can tailor a session to your needs arranging a visit in person, telephone or Skype.

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