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DMS’s donation has provided 454 healthy breakfasts!

May 29, 2015 News No Comments

Recently we had the amazing news of helping artist Nina land a sync with Mercedes-Benz for their Pan-European Summer Campaign 2015. The great news doesn’t end there. We’ve been able to donate to a remarkable charity ‘Magic Breakfast’ as well as creating additional exposure, opportunities and income for the artist.


Background – Every school day at least half a million children in Britain arrive at school without having breakfast. Magic Breakfast was set up 13 years ago as the founder Carmel McConnell heard teachers were bringing in breakfast for children as they were hungry and couldn’t concentrate in lessons. Carmel started delivering food to five schools in East London. The teachers at the schools noticed a huge boost in concentration and word soon spread to other schools.The national charity now provides free healthy breakfast to 440 schools in the most disadvantaged areas of England. Currently the charity feeds more than 17,500 children every school day. 93% of the teachers at our partner schools have seen increased concentration and behaviour as a result of the breakfast club.

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