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Busker Boss Version 2.0

We decided to develop a game to showcase the great work of our composers and assist with our education work.


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Help us test for any potential gremlins.

Download, leave amazing feedback and tell us direct if there’s anything we need to address.

It’s our first game / app and we’re very excited.

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Busker Boss is a Fun, text based strategy RPG based on the business of the music industry. You’re a musician hungry to prove yourself and make a living from what you love. The problem is you have hardly any money and just a few fans from street performances in and around town. The aim is to gain as many fans and earn as much money as possible.

Busk your way to a high score and boss level. Access new areas along the way as your fan base and financial situation improves.

Don’t forget to pay your bills and return any loans as the interest increases daily. Choose from 30 and 60 day options, with a 90 day game mode available on purchase.

Other options include applying for a grant, doing a day job, rehearsing, networking, partying and joining a P.R.O. (Performing Rights Organisation. They pay a writer royalties for the performance of their songs).

Release your own music or when you have enough fans consider signing a recording or publishing deal.

In amongst the daily grind of performing there are a few bonuses and pitfalls. Make sure you have a permit to busk and watch out for the bailiffs.

If you don’t lose by going to jail or partying too much, you can finish and tally up. Outstanding bills and loans are deducted from your money. This is then multiplied by your number of fans to help you hit the score board and compete with your mates.

Special Thanks:

MaMa Rose, Grandmaster T. Codner, H. Rifaat, S. Rifaat, Emily Harrison, Tom Yeo, Mike Stone, D. Meade, M. Gosling, P. Craig, J. Singh and team, Beyond Business, Investec, all DMS Composers and team.

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