Diverse Music Solutions

This is why we’re here!

1. We create both Production Music and non-MCPS Sync opportunities for independent musicians of all ages 
– Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C. / FAADA LTD.
2. We offer hands on A&R work experience.
3. Profits from our activities help to run community focused projects.
Day to day we primarily focus on creating opportunities in production music for independent musicians of all ages.
We also offer hands on A&R work experience. Profits from our activities go towards community focused projects e.g http://bit.ly/dmsskin1

We believe music has more to offer than is often explored today.

Through the mainstream the balance often tips toward a ‘fairy tale’ focus on materialism, opulent flaunting and social media hype. Music has become ‘fast food and disposable’ mostly given away for free. Performers are continually asked to play for no fee, and digital sales are often negligible forcing musicians to find innovative ways to earn a living outside of selling records. We’ve seen reality TV stars come and go, with ‘celebrities’ sadly losing their lives to the stresses and excesses – so what does it really mean to be successful in the music industry?

At DMS through the experience of active musicians we aim to dispel the myths, share our experiences and build a community of like-minded people that remember why they got involved in the first place.

A coming together of people who remember why they were soothed by the pulse of a certain groove. People who understand the pain of a song even though they may not speak the language of the lyrics. Those that boldly educate and share wisdom through rhythm thinking of others as well as themselves.

Ultimately, we encourage people to create their own definition of purpose, success and balance looking beyond a chart position to stay afloat.



Music brings us together in ways beyond words.

Through DMS we want to re-ignite this purpose in those who have become isolated and in doing so connect others that are fresh to these feelings, create a Mesh, an engaging network connected and supportive.


If you feel the same then join us, share and grow with us.

MESH – Musical Energy Socially HarnessedPeople. Music. Life

Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell

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Diverse Music Solutions is a non-profit , social enterprise launched by musicians specifically to help unsigned and emerging artists with long term music related advice, ideas and answers.
Forever Diverse Music Solutions CIC is a registered Community Interest Company No. 8137116